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Tips & Tricks for Windows Operating Systems.

Start Menu

    Start Menu and Explorer options
    Speed up the Start Menu
    Add Programs to the Shell
    Add an expanding Control Panel to the Start Menu
    How to edit the Registry
    Alphabetize your Start Menu
    Brand your copy of Windows XP in the Start Menu
    Disabling New Programs Alert
    Snap-in Failed to Initialize Error XP Pro


    Make the background of desktop icons transparent (XP)
    Restore My Documents folder if deleted (98)
    Remove shortcut icon arrows
    Change My Computer Icon
    Hide icons
    Add and Remove item types from the New Menu
    Save Color Scheme
    Create tool tips for desktop icons
    Create a Button to Reboot Win XP from the Desktop
    Remove Shortcut arrow from Desktop icons XP
    Performance Increase through My Computer
    Change Briefcase icon on NT/W2K/XP
    Create a Lock Computer Shortcut Icon


    Disable or customize taskbar grouping (XP)
    Restore the show desktop shortcut in the taskbar's quick launch toolbar
    Grayed out toolbar
    Put the modem status in the system tray
    Put Network Icon In System tray (XP)
    Add a Folder to the Taskbar

Windows Explorer

    Stop folders from opening in their own Windows (XP)
    Enable and disable Windows support for ZIP files (XP)
    Change the name or location of System Folders
    Create a folder shortcut (XP)
    Command switches for Windows Explorer
    New command missing in Windows Explorer
    Remove entries from the context sensitive menu
    Enable and disable Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
    Open unknown files with Notepad
    Uncheck always use this program to open these files
    Thumbnails: Filenames, size, caching (XP)
    Restore .exe association
    Save and restore association (98)
    Open rather than run a batch file when clicking it
    Change folders' icon
    Disable the Windows folder's warning message
    Change Drive Letters (XP)
    SendTo Any Folder


    Prevent password expiration (XP Pro Only)
    Set a minimum password length (98)
    Access Windows 2000 from Windows 98 without a password
    Automatic logon without name or password (9x)
    Prevent a Windows Logon prompt at startup
    Delete your screensaver password if you forgot it (98)
    Why does user logon screen come up after standby mode in XP Pro

On & Off

    Enable or disable Scandisk/Chkdsk on System reboot
    Warm boot (9x)
    Restart the computer from a shortcut
    Shutdown problems
    Run programs at shutdown
    Shut down programs when shutting down Windows
    Invalid directory
    Change Windows logo (98)
    Disable or Enable Windows XP Auto Updates

Installing Windows Xp Systems

    Troubleshooting Windows XP Professional Setup
    How to Determine If Windows XP was Activated
    Enable Windows XP Sound Scheme
    "Missing or Corrupt Ntfs.sys" after converting to NTFS File System XP
    Reinstall Windows XP without re-activating
    Windows XP - Error: The Windows Installer Service Could not be Accessed
    Fix Installer problems
    Reinstall System Restore

Windows Media Player

    Play DVD's
    Delete Windows Media Player 8 history and play lists
    Disable WMP for Windows XP Automatic Update Feature
    FAQ's about Windows Media Player


    Enable or disable Error Reporting (XP)
    Enable or disable Task Scheduler at startup (XP)
    Remove FindFast (98)
    Turn off window animation (maximize-minimize) to speed up your work
    Set Highlight and shadow of 3D-objects
    Restore the ability to display .ico files
    Remove invalid entries in Add/Remove Programs
    Use Windows Update without being registered
    Microsoft Spy
    Change the Blue Screen of Death's colors
    Change registered owner and organization
    Find registered owner and CD Key to reinstall Windows (9x)
    Include Manufacturer and support details in the System Properties dialog box
    Change the number of registry backups (98)
    System File Checker
    Play or do not play your CD's automatically (AIN, Autorun, AutoPlay)
    Search the content of .cab files
    Number Lock (Numlock)
    Fix Icons
    Military Time
    Msdos.sys (9x)
    Uninstall Additional Windows Components
    Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows user's
    Windows XP clear Page File on Shutdown
    Enable or Disable Firewall
    Turn off Indexing to speed up XP
    Delete Prefetch files in XP Automatically
    Make icons in windows appear quicker (XP)
    How to remove An Invalid Boot Path From The Boot Ini File
    How to Delete An Undeletable File
    No Items Appear in the Device Manager List When You Open It
    Create your own Self-extracting/Self-installing Package using the XP Wizard
    Get System Uptime Only Windows XP Pro
    How To Create Setup Boot Disks for Windows 2000

Internet Explorer

    Macromedia Flash Player cannot be installed or does not work
    Make IE the default browser
    Have IE bring up the Dial-Up Networking box when opened up
    Stop the Do you want to accept this cookie box from appearing (IE 5)
    Remove the Content Advisor and Ratings password
    Change Title Bar
    Enable or disable My Pictures Toolbar in IE
    Repair Internet Explorer in Windows XP
    Change the Browser Title (XP Pro)
    Completely change Internet explorer title
    Fix IE 6 Slowdowns and Hangs
    Sharing bookmarks and favorites
    Clear the ARP Cache

Dial-Up Network

    Save Dial-up password
    Dial-up Network log file


    Speed up access to network shares (2000-XP)
    Run more than one instance of ICQ
    Find out your IP Address
    Remove Windows Messenger
    Enable or disable Messenger Service
    How to Release/Renew your IP Address
    Change Default folder when saving Attachments in Outlook Express
    Prevent MSN Messenger from automatically signing in
    How to prevent Windows Messenger 4.0 or later from running on a Windows XP-based computer

E-Mail Solutions

    Outlook email repair - Outlook PST recovery software

Command Line & DOS

    Enable the tab key to complete filenames in command line windows (XP)
    Delete the Recycle Bin folder at DOS level
    Have DOS execute a batch file when restarting in DOS (98)
    How to make a MS-DOS XP Startup Disk


    Most common BIOS backdoors
    Floppy drive rattling (98)
    Change the computer's clock to match the network's (9x, XP)

Tips on cleaning up your Computer

    Windows 98
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows 7
    Windows 10
    Google Toolbar
    Remove Adware & Spyware
    Auto Delete Temporary Folder (XP Pro)
    Remove SysRestore Backups
    Remove Deleted Programs from the Uninstall List
    A Better Windows XP Disk Cleanup Tool

How to Partition & Format a Master Hard Disk/Slave

    Windows 95, 95 OEM Service Release 2, Windows 98/SE, Win Me
    How to Partition & Format your Hard Disk by using the Windows XP Setup

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