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Registry Edits for XP  11/07/2004
Snap-in Failed to Initialize Error XP Pro  06/03/2005


Change Briefcase icon on NT/W2K/XP  12/19/2004
Create a Lock Computer Shortcut Icon  03/20/2005


Add a Folder to the Taskbar  01/01/2006

Windows Explorer



Why does user logon screen come up after standby mode in XP Pro  11/07/2004

On & Off

Disable or Enable Windows XP Auto Updates  11/07/2004

Installing Windows XP Systems

How to Determine if Windows XP was Activated  11/07/2004
Enable Windows XP Sound Scheme  11/07/2004
"Missing or Corrupt Ntfs.sys" after converting to NTFS File System XP  11/07/2004
Reinstall Windows XP without re-activating  11/07/2004
How to Install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP  04/24/2005
How to obtain Windows XP Setup boot disks  07/05/2005
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility  07/25/2005
Reinstall System Restore  11/26/2005
Problems in Windows Explorer or Windows shell after security update MS06-015  04/16/2005

Windows Media Player

Disable WMP for Windows XP Automatic Update Feature  12/12/2004
FAQ's about Windows Media Player  06/02/2018


Delete Prefetch Files in XP Automatically  11/07/2004
Make icons in windows appear quicker (XP)  11/07/2004
Create your own Self-extracting/Self-Installing Package using the XP Wizard  11/07/2004
Get System Uptime Only Windows XP Pro  11/17/2004
How To Create Setup Boot Disks for Windows 2000  09/26/2005

Internet Explorer

Fix IE 6 Slowdowns and Hangs  11/17/2004
Sharing bookmarks and favorites  06/26/2005
Clear the ARP Cache  12/08/2005
Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 7  09/24/2006

Dial-Up Network



Prevent MSN Messenger from automatically signing in  12/10/2004
Prevent Windows Messenger 4 or later from running on a Windows XP-based computer  03/19/2005

Command line & DOS

How to make an MS-Dos XP Startup Disk  11/07/2004



Tips on cleaning up your Computer

Windows 98  11/01/2004
Windows 2000  11/01/2004
Windows Xp  11/01/2004
Auto Delete Temporary Folder (XP Pro)  11/01/2004
Remove SysRestore BackUps  2/21/2005
Remove Deleted Programs from the Uninstall List  03/20/2005
A Better Windows XP Disk Cleanup Tool  04/28/2005

How to Partition & Format a Master Hard Disk/Slave



Windows 10 Search Box Blank Fix 04/04/2020
Blocking Parasites & Spyware with HOST Files v2.9.3  01/28/2024
Automatically Schedule a ScanDisk XP  11/07/2004
Disable Unread Mail on the Welcome Screen XP  11/07/2004
Get IP Address and User Info  1/07/2015
Restore Defrag XP  11/07/2004
ScreenSaver Disable    Enable    Tab Missing  11/07/2004
Restore NotePad.exe  11/07/2004
Disable Balloon Tips    Disable All Tips  11/07/2004
Enable    Disable the Splash Screen for OE  11/07/2004
Remove "Shortcut to..." Prefix on Shortcuts  11/07/2004
Change Provided by or Whole Title in IE  11/07/2004
Run Cmd-Reinstalling Internet Explorer XP  11/07/2004
Automatically Schedule a Defrag XP  11/07/2004
Windows Installer Fix  11/07/2004
Restore Paint  11/07/2004
Disable Floppy Drive    Enable  11/07/2004
Test for USB 2  11/07/2004
Sound Icon Enable  11/07/2004
Restore the Device Manager  11/07/2004
Add (OE) Send E-Mail to right click  11/07/2004
Enable    Disable Clear Type under Effects  11/07/2004
Startup List Program  11/26/2004
Rename the Recycle Bin  12/09/2004
MRU Blaster v1.5  03/05/2005
Spyware Blaster v5.5  2/24/2017
CWShredder 2.19  12/02/2005
Fix "16 Bit Subsystem" error XP Home  09/05/2005
Fix "16 Bit Subsystem" error XP Pro  09/05/2005


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