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Wondershare PDFelement 7.0

Wondershare has just released version 7.0 of PDFElemnets! Get control of YOUR PDF’s like never before! As a PDF expert, I am constantly looking to improve my skills and reduce the amount of time it takes me to do a job for a client. As an existing Adobe PDF user, I find that the program comes up short on a lot of stuff that I need to do. So I am constantly looking for individual programs to pick up the slack where Adobe fails.I first purchased PDFelement 5 and have currently upgraded to PDFelement 7.0 and I love the new features. I was amazed at how quickly I picked up on using the features that I needed to do various jobs that Adobe could not do. This has not only features that Adobe does not have but features that Adobe offers at a much lower cost! They are extremely reasonable on the upgrades where Adobe is not. One special feature that I really love is the data extraction from PDF forms or static forms. The first day I had the software, I used it on a job that a client required me to do data extraction on about 35 static PDFs. I was able to make a template, add all 35 PDF files and voila! PDFelements did the rest. The output file was 100% correct and in a CSV format which I needed.The editing features of PDFelements was easier and better to use than Adobe. I had more control over what I wanted to do and didn't have to output to multiple file formats and then back to a PDF. All was done in one program. What a time saver! I believe I have found my Adobe replacement. As mentioned above, I started with PDFelement 5. They're technical support have always been able to help me in a very professional, timely manner. Their price and the quick technical support are valuable assets to anyone who works with PDFs. You can Create, Convert, Comment, Edit and Protect all of your PDF’s with the simple one stop program! The Editing side is a Full Feature Word Processor. The Converting side allows you to convert to Office files while retaining layout, tables and formatting. With the Commenting feature you can gather feedback from co-workers and colleagues. The Protect feature allows you to control your documents to help secure sensitive information from malevolent activities. Some other features include Redaction, search for redactions and apply Redactions. You can also Sign, Validate, Place and Clear Signatures from your PDF’s. You can copy files directly from scanners, combine multiple files into one PDF or separate PDF’s. You can create, edit and do Form recognition. You can also Send and track with DOCShare, send to Email, send to DropBox and also send to google Drive! Can’t do that with Adobe! The Help features a User Guide, Community, You Tube and Support Center. Awesome!! If this is the type of work you're doing, you may want to check them out! Wondershare PDFElements